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@carrie_rachel: Driving home from the first day of shooting with @grilled_onions, who isn’t keeping his eyes on the road.

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@carrie_rachel Toni + Candace. @sordociego #portlandia

@sordociego Day 1 of shooting season 5! @brycefortner Jon and @carrie_rachel #portlandia

" You have to be kind of intentional about friendships as you get older, because people drift apart so easily with their own lives or families or just physical distance. The friendships you want to maintain, you really have to protect—not just by commenting on their Twitter feed but by actually, like, inviting them over. "

- Carrie Brownstein, “Carrie On” in Bust Magazine (via onourway)

@streichersisters Incredible shrinking woman #CarrieBrownstein on the cover of #BustMagazine hair @streicherhair MU @tobyfleischman

Carrie Brownstein on the cover of BUST magazine

@Carrie_Rachel Smirks. @nlyonne

Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Natasha Lyonne at Outfest